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A private, exclusive event—by invitation only*

*My students and their guests who have received invitations attend free. For others, ticket prices are $2,000 USD per person.

Note: For clients still within their cancellation period from a recent purchase of the Grant Funding Course, there will be no consideration for a refund after full or partial attendance at Free Money University.

In short – FREE MONEY University™ is a “Get Rich School!” You will be taught firsthand over two days in an intimate classroom setting by Chris Johnson, The Grant Funding Expert, to learn step by step exactly what to do to get Free Money, Grants and various types of Funding for your Business, Real Estate Investments or a free College or University Education.


Chris Johnson will personally instruct you at FREE MONEY University™. Chris’s amazing ability to assist his clients to secure funding has resulted in 1,000’s of his students learning these techniques and receiving many Millions of Dollars in funding. Chris will walk you step by step through the entire process, from How to Find the best Grant programs, to walking you through the entire Grant Application process and much more!


Free Money University™ is also your best resource for learning the most cutting-edge Wealth Building techniques. This is truly an “All you need to know, all in one placeGet Rich School! Chris has assembled a world-class panel of Top Experts who, along with Chris, will not only show you exactly how to get the money, but exactly what to do with it! Chris has made himself wealthy using these simple steps and systems, and he will unveil them all to you during this incredible Wealth Weekend!

You too can master these techniques and begin creating wealth for yourself right away. Students who have attended FREE MONEY UNIVERSITY™ are far more likely to get Government Grants. FREE MONEY University™ is packed with education, excitement, surprises, success stories, and bonuses. It’s a fast-paced, fun, and rewarding learning experience. Take the first step now by reserving seats for yourself and your guests at this amazing limited-admission live event!

Chris Johnson Teaching at Free Money University


What will you learn at Free Money University™?

  • Step By Step How to Get Free Money for your Education, Business & Real Estate needs
  • How to find and secure Grant Funding from all levels of Government and Private Sector including Foundations, Non Profits & Corporations
  • The best places to find Maximum Funding, including some little-known sources
  • Top Tips for receiving Scholarships and Educational Grants for a debt-free Education
  • Learn how to set up your business for Maximum Profits, Maximum Protection and Maximum Tax Reduction
  • Expert strategies that vastly improve your chances of getting your grant application approved
  • Real Estate funding sources for Homeowners and Investors to purchase and renovate properties
  • Learn how to use the Grant Funds towards your Real Estate investments to make the most money
  • Simple, effective and easy to follow steps to achieve true Financial Freedom for yourself and your family
  • The latest tips, tricks, and techniques that will get you, your first government grant and keep the funding coming for years to come

cruisegift-itemBe sure to get there early — don’t miss your chance to win a 7 Night Cruise for Two!


Save your spot now! Seats will go fast for this AMAZING event!



grantfundingexpertcd flying_moneyEveryone who attends will receive:

Training Materials, Audio CD’s & Gifts plus there will be several draws both days, for valuable Prizes including CASH!



This spectacular Weekend Package is valued at $2,000 per person.


But as my student, you and up to 3 guests attend FREE! (That is an $8,000 Value!)


Who Should Attend Free Money University™?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Homeowners
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Current and future millionaires
  • Anyone seeking security and financial freedom

Special Guest! Robert Kiyosaki’s original Real Estate trainer!


Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad – Poor Dad & creator of the Cashflow financial literacy board games, started building his wealth by investing in Real Estate.

If you want to meet the person who was the original teacher of Real Estate wealth creation techniques to Robert Kiyosaki, then be sure to register right now to attend!

About Chris Johnson

THE Grant Funding Expert

grant-funding-expert-chris-johnson-standingChris Johnson, known as “The Grant Funding Expert,” has taught thousands of people to successfully locate, apply for, and receive many millions of dollars in grants, loans, subsidies, scholarships, and more.

Richard-Branson-with-Chris-JohnsonChris has spoken at major financial conferences with well-known top experts such as Sir Richard Branson, Suze Orman, Al Gore, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Ron LeGrand, Robert Allen, and other recognized authorities.


While Chris is honored to have worked with these well-respected financial and business experts, the most rewarding aspect of his profession is working one-on-one with regular, hard-working people, helping them apply his proven success formula to learn how to secure funding.


This success formula was developed through a lot of hard work and trial-and-error, and has resulted in a step-by-step system that is proven to work, as demonstrated by the huge number of success stories Chris receives from his students.


The funding that people across America have received after applying Chris’s lessons is not just free money, but also the spark they need to ignite their dream of getting an education, starting or expanding a business, acquiring real estate, or accomplishing other goals they have for themselves and their families to get ahead.


Many of Chris’s students have received thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and one thing lots of them have in common is having attended Free Money University, where Chris teaches in-depth, advanced concepts to fast-track grant funding success. Chris looks forward to seeing you at the upcoming class and sharing these success tips and techniques with you.


Would you like to be Chris’s next success story?



Free Money University™ is your next step!


Here’s why:


“This was the part missing from my business puzzle. I got answers and, from my professional perception view, you did very well (teaching Free Money University™).”
– EVE M.


“Very encouraged that I will move ahead, armed with all the information I got during the Free Money University™ weekend.”


“I loved all the information I learned at Free Money University™ and enjoyed seeing the fun side of Chris’ personality.”


“(Free Money University™) was very informative as well as entertaining-like that you guys keep it light and humorous.”


“The presentations at Free Money University™ were excellent and I felt self-empowered.”


“Free Money University™ was terrific. I enjoyed all the ‘A ha!’ moments the most!”


“Your seminar is awesome! I learned a lot – I am ready to put it into practice now.”



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